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Conner. 17, tv junkie. This is my fandom blog...and it is MULTI fandom. My ultimate favorites are Doctor Who, Supernatural, Harry Potter, Sherlock, The Hunger Games and Teen Wolf. The rest of my favorite things are in my obsessions link. I have a personal blog, that's basically girls I wish I could look like, boys I wish I could date and places I wish I could go. Look @ my face in the page 'my face," imagine that. enjoy!

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“My work is for the public and my life is for myself”.



You know just saying “Hey gorgeous” could make some girl’s day.

arthur: tis a perilous journey i must undertake alone
arthur: gather your things merlin


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Tom Hiddleston attends “The Avengers” premiere in Rome

Tom Hiddleston attends “The Avengers” premiere in Rome